Welcome to Norway´s
legendary freeride heaven. 


Vatnahalsen Mountain Lodge dates back to 1896, and was in the 1930s a famous ski destination. Guests from all over Europe flocked to what was referred to as the St. Moritz of the North. The lodge is peacefully located at the top of the Flåm Valley, only accessible by train, and thus isolated from the world.  

With Ski & Train we aim to bring this fantastic mountain resort back to former glory and elevate it to new heights. Our base is Vatnahalsen Mountain Lodge, where you´ll experience a friendly atmosphere, traditional Norwegian food and homely living. The surrounding area is snow-secure, with a varied terrain that offers long descents in every direction. When conditions allow it, we can ride down to the bottom of the Flåm Valley, and take the world famous Flåm Railway back to the lodge. This combination of train and world class freeriding makes a trip to Vatnahalsen a unique skiing experience.

Photo: Flåm Utvikling AS / Rolf M. Sørensen